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CBD Healing Massage


CBD Healing Massage

Incredible and Endless Benefits

S 1000

1 Hour CBD Massage Session

with an experienced professional in an ambient environment with access to THC edibles and Prerolls.

$1000 per hour
includes free THC gift

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Prices are in Mexican Pesos

Benefits of a CBD Massage

Calms inflammation

Soothes anxiety

Reduces chronic pain

Melts tension


CBD Massage vs. Regular Massage

The biggest difference between a CBD massage and a regular massage is the CBD. The kneading technique doesn't change. That way clients are able to really tell the difference of the CBD inclusion alone, as opposed to trying to figure out what's a result of the CBD and what's due to the rubbing motions.


How to Prepare for a CBD Massage

Just chill. No, but really, when it comes to getting a CBD massage, the whole point is to reach peak relaxation, so don't stress out over how to prepare for the rubdown. Simply arrive as you would to any other massage and get excited for a calming CBD experience.


We offer a relaxing environment where edibles and PreRolls are available prior to your session. Kick back relax, smoke or enjoy a delicious edible then enjoy an amazing CBD based massage from an experienced and caring masseuse.



What to Expect During a CBD Massage

Let us know if there is an area of pain or where you would like us to concentrate on and the level of pressure you would like. Do you experience tighness in your hips and would like stretching to be apart of the massage?


Then lay back and just relax.

Your mind will begin to drift to tasks, the past, the present, the future.

Relax !!!

Concentrate on your breathing.


CBD Healing Massage

Incredible and Endless Benefits

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